As one of the principal editors at Marvel’s landmark Epic Comics division, I developed many of the standards for high production values in modern comics and championed creator owned properties, guiding fan-fave titles like Marshal Law, Blood, ElfQuest, the Elektra: Assassin collection and Groo the Wanderer. Working with horror master Clive Barker, I unleashed the very scary Hellraiser anthology. As a writer, I created the mercenary Terror, Inc.; took down the villain Wilson Fisk in Fall of the Kingpin; lit up the mystic darkness in Nightstalkers; and meted out blind justice in many best-selling Daredevil epics. Along the way I also contributed to the shared universes of Batman, Punisher, Captain America, Iron Man, Hardware, Magic: The Gathering and Wolverine. Plus pioneered Marvel's first digital Cybercomics, featuring Blade, the X-Men and Spider-Man. Recent collected editions showcase my storylines from Nick Fury, Nightbreed and The Punisher. I'm currently partnering with artist Karl Waller on a new supernatural thrill-ride.

Here's what's in my comic collection: World-building. Character creation. Stories written to span genres and deliver high adventure.

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Copywriter, creative director, content creator, storyteller.

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“Our screens are the windows through which we are experiencing, organizing, and interpreting the world in which we live. They are also the interfaces through which we express who we are and what we believe to everyone else.

Douglas Rushkoff

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