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As one of the principal editors at Marvel’s landmark Epic Comics division, I developed many of the standards for high production values in modern comics and championed creator owned properties, guiding fan-fave titles like Marshal Law, Blood, ElfQuest, the Elektra: Assassin collection and Groo the Wanderer.


Working with horror master Clive Barker, I unleashed the very scary Hellraiser anthology. As a writer, I created the mercenary Terror, Inc.; took down the villain Wilson Fisk in Fall of the Kingpin; lit up the mystic darkness in Nightstalkers; and meted out blind justice in many best-selling Daredevil epics. Along the way I also contributed to the shared universes of Batman, Punisher, Captain America, Iron Man, Hardware, Magic: The Gathering and Wolverine. Plus pioneered Marvel's first digital Cybercomics, featuring Blade, the X-Men and Spider-Man.


Recent collected editions showcase my storylines from Nick Fury, Nightbreed and The Punisher. I'm currently partnering with artist Karl Waller on a new supernatural thrill-ride.

Here's what's in my comic collection: World-building. Character creation. Stories written to span genres and deliver high adventure.
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