Protected: Dr. Digital

Creating a roadshow for Novartis on HCP digital trends.

Protected: Gilenya

Robust activities for MS patients while receiving initial treatment.

Protected: Reclast Tour

Interactive movie helps nurse practitioners navigate prescribing.
Up Melanoma Exposed

Melanoma Exposed

Key part of the integrated campaign, this MM&M Gold winner used games and social to increase men’s awareness of cancer.
Up Know Nocturia

Know Nocturia

Condition site, aimed at increasing health pro’s awareness in advance of branded treatment.
Up Merck Corporate

Merck Corporate

Streamlining & contemporizing the online face of healthcare giant.
Up Sanctura XR

Sanctura XR

Engaging 3D spaces bring to life benefits of OAB treatment.
Up Natrelle


Luxury brand experience relate science and options of range of breast implants.
Up Enfamil


Family friendly interactivity and visuals explain science of formula.
Up KnowMenopause


Award-winning unbranded showcase with powerful audience connection and activities.
Up Pristiq RM Viewer

Pristiq RM Viewer

Reinventing print materials to take advantage of digital.
Up Merck Investigation banner

Merck Investigation banner

Revealing germs via fun “health scene investigation” edutainment.
Up Pristiq


Treatment content integrated and balanced with condition “RM” content.
Up Recognizing TTRFAP Symptom Tree

Recognizing TTRFAP Symptom Tree

Aiding in the understanding of this rare condition for HCPs.
Up TTRFAP Connection Doctor Guide

TTRFAP Connection Doctor Guide

Helping patients and caregivers build a custom discussion guide.
Up Natrelle Surgeon site

Natrelle Surgeon site

Presenting breast implant techniques and technology in a contemporary manner.
Up Ogilvy Healthworld - Expanding Brands

Ogilvy Healthworld – Expanding Brands

Representing Ogilvy Healthworld’s mission via fanciful and thoughtful animations.
Up Ogilvy Healthworld

Ogilvy Healthworld

A robust approach at bringing together Ogilvy’s diverse health offerings.