X-Ray Specs: Video

Pretentious Comic Con Interview

Back in ’93, the “Marvel Mega Tour” visited the Philly Comic Con, and I was asked by some indie filmmakers to prattle on about my view on comic creation. This was my pretentious, way-too-serious, personality-deprived contribution to the effort.




The full flick, Comic Art, features other comic types of the time, including Mike Baron, Ray Lago, Colleen Doran and many more.

SUNY Comic Interview

Excerpts from a SUNY documentary on comics, while living in Poughkeepsie, NY. Middling observations on the comics code, comics as movies, and the larger appeal of comics. Count how many times I say “you know…” Help me figure out if my praise of “Men in Black” was because there was no other decent comic movie at the time, or if I was sucking up hoping to land work. (Probably the latter!)