• Iron Man Pt. 1

    Iron Man Pt. 1

    Shell-head and Cap team to investigate an alien crash landing.

  • Iron Man Pt. 2

    Iron Man Pt. 2

    The Avengers delve into the mystery of the shipwrecked aliens.

  • Iron Man Pt. 3

    Iron Man Pt. 3

    Cap and Iron Man search for the truth behind the Ravels' arrival.

  • Iron Man Pt. 4

    Iron Man Pt. 4

    The Avengers race to stop the Ravels' plan for planetary doom.

  • SHIELD Pt. 1

    SHIELD Pt. 1

    Nick Fury and the spies of SHIELD go after the fearsome Gamega bomb.

  • SHIELD Pt. 2

    SHIELD Pt. 2

    As Fury's team hunts the Gamega, they're hunted by the terrorist Tyrannicals!

  • SHIELD Pt. 3

    SHIELD Pt. 3

    Jungle Warfare Pt. 3
Snakes and terrorists and nukes-ticking-down-to-doomsday, oh my!

  • SHIELD Pt. 4

    SHIELD Pt. 4

    It's the final showdown between Fury and the Tyrannicals!

  • Daredevil Pt. 1

    Daredevil Pt. 1

    The man without fear is forced to defend his arch-nemesis, the Kingpin.

  • Daredevil Pt. 2

    Daredevil Pt. 2

    Daredevil offers his services to the Kingpin as Bullseye makes his move on NY's heaviest spice merchant.

  • Daredevil Pt. 3

    Daredevil Pt. 3

    Bullseye's attack takes a terrible toll on the Kingpin and Daredevil.

  • Daredevil Pt. 4

    Daredevil Pt. 4

    The final showdown between DD and Bullseye, with the Kingpin's life the prize.

  • Spider-Man Pt. 1

    Spider-Man Pt. 1

Sandman sets his sights on a rare treasure at Coney Island.

  • Spider-Man Pt. 2

    Spider-Man Pt. 2

    A supernatural mirror splits Sandman into multiple threats.

  • Spider-Man Pt. 3

    Spider-Man Pt. 3

    Spidey finds mini-Sandmen = maximum trouble.

  • Spider-Man Pt. 4

    Spider-Man Pt. 4

    It's Maxi-Sandman vs. Spidey in a boardwalk showdown.

  • X-Men Pt. 1

    X-Men Pt. 1

    Old school X-Men adventure, with decidedly new mutants in attendance.

  • X-Men Pt. 2

    X-Men Pt. 2

    Colossus, Gambit and Rogue discover a horrifying secret deep within Prof. X's mansion.

  • X-Men Pt. 3

    X-Men Pt. 3

    It's mutant mayhem: Cyclops, Marvel Girl and the Beast vs. Gambit, Rogue and Colossus.

  • X-Men Pt. 4

    X-Men Pt. 4

    As Mastermind moves to take control, Rogue must make a difficult choice on the path to victory.

  • Blade


    Promo for the hardcore vampire hunter movie, "Blade."