X-Ray Specs: Audio

Daredevil Audio

These probably seemed somewhat earnest at the time. But now they just sound like cheese-whiz. And who doesn’t like cheese-whiz? Eat up, Internets.

First up, a “creative summit” featuring myself, penciler Scott McDaniel, editor Ralph Macchio and others working on Daredevil at the time. Might be kind of interesting if whoever audio-engineered it hadn’t boosted the music just high enough to drown out the voices.

Following that, a horrendously forced promotional spot, featuring yours truly, prepared for the Marvel “fan phone.” (Back before you could get your fill of promo with just a click.)

Harvest of Evil Audio

In the early nineties, Marvel Comics fell under an alignment of dark stars. Put another way, they had a whole bunch of scary comic books coming out at the same time. In an uncharacteristic moment of promotional inspiration they decided to push the fall launch of those titles as the “Harvest of Evil.” One of the tactics was a cassette tape (Huh? What’s that, old man?) with spooky sound effects on one side, and eerie “Inner Sanctum” style audio stories on the other.

Herewith, my contributions to the effort, featuring characters and creatures from Clive Barker’s Nightbreed. Channeled in my most overwrought, Rod Serling style, natch.