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Hellraiser – The Series Bible

Clive Barker’s Hellraiser was perhaps my single proudest achievement as an editor. I had championed a return to anthology horror with Archie Goodwin, no stranger to the format himself from his grand time with Warren Publishing. And when Clive Barker agreed to hand over the keys to his Cenobite kingdom, I threw myself into writing this set of guidelines for writers and artists we would then invite to contribute to the project.

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Daredevil Proposal

Herewith, the original proposal that netted me my run on Daredevil. Rescued from the basement, scanned in with old coffee stains and mold intact. It’s surprising to me how much of the original idea made it into the story that followed. And I kick myself for the cool stuff I had in mind that I wasn’t savvy enough to follow up on!

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Terror, Inc.

Now and again you’d want to conjure up a couple of “fill in” issues to help a regular run on a comic catch up with a late schedule. I wrote this thinly veiled take on The Monkey’s Paw for my beloved bogeyman-mercenary, Terror, Inc. The great Jorge Zaffino had actually illustrated it — but sadly those pages have been lost to time and many Marvel shuffles.

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Hellraiser intro

Hellraiser characters