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Experienced marketing pro + integrated storyteller with exceptional record developing and pitching major brand presentations to C-Suite execs & stakeholders. Accomplished at inspiring large, cross functional teams, with demonstrated on-time, on-budget, award-winning execution. Progressive thinker and influencer with proven ability to deliver a distinct combo of business strategy, digital foresight and creative leadership.


Chief Digital Officer, Ogilvy Healthworld 2009-Present

  • Grew consumer healthcare franchise from $16 million to $50 million in 5 years.
  • Inaugurated next gen interactive thinking for leading brands at Pfizer, Novartis, Ferring, Astra-Zeneca, Merck and more.
  • Partnered with North American and international divisions to establish best practices for digital + healthcare programs and strategy for new client acquisition.
  • Spearheaded, transforming Bristol-Myer Squibbs’ needs into brand strategies that activated gaming + Facebook via an integrated campaign, in 1 year leading to a 30% increase in awareness, 2,000 cancers screened and 200 cancers identified.
  • Trailblazed influencer networks, chatbots, transmedia, 3D puppetry, augmented reality and other innovative technologies to connect customers and brand experience.

Creative Director, Ogilvy Interactive 1999-2008

  • Shepherded evolution of trendsetting, at its peak attracting 80K visits/week, at average 8 minutes/visit, netting gold MM&M, gold MMA, PhAME, Webby and many other awards.
  • Devised persuasive Web 2.0 vision, strategies and execution for Siemens’ online communications.
  • Championed relaunch of Time Warner Cable’s corporate web presence, winning consensus from regional constituencies across the U.S.
  • Architected rich media identity for IBM’s eServer brand, including sites, banners, games, viral videos and groundbreaking 3D worlds, netting Gold Addy and John C. Caples awards.

Writer/Editor, Marvel Comics & Freelance 1986-1998

  • Authored dozens of original characters and stories across genres, including contributions to popular titles such as Batman, Wolverine and Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD.
  • Pioneered interactive Web comics leveraging brand-name entertainment, including Iron Man, Spider-Man and X-Men.
  • Expanded TV and film into comic series, including well-known Fox and Disney properties such as Sliders and Hercules.
  • Launched the celebrated horror anthology Clive Barker’s Hellraiser, including co-conceiving and authoring the series bible.
  • Scripted cinematics for 700K-selling Legacy of Kain video game on Playstation and PC.
  • Revitalized the Daredevil title by scripting the best-selling Fall of the Kingpin and Fall From Grace storylines.
  • Edited fan-favorite publications that include Groo the Wanderer, Marshal Law and the collected edition of Elektra:Assassin.


BFA, Film & Television — New York University

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